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“My kids have been going to this preschool for 4 years now. I have not one complaint. I drive over 25 minutes each way everyday to this school b/c it is unbelievable. The director is so loving, knowledgeable and caring. She has a way with kids and is genuinely concerned about their well being. She is personal and alert. She helps whenever you need her. The teachers she chooses are just as outstanding. If you are considering this preschool, look no further - you will not find a better one! - N.K.

“An awesome school and the BEST, most loving, brilliant staff” – D.W.

"A safe, loving and excellent school" - S.M.

"We feel fortunate for having been part of such a wonderful and sweet preschool with such a dedicated staff" - E.A.

“Last night I looked at all of the photos we have of the boys at bright Beginnings and you can just see so clearly how happy my kids were. Bright Beginnings was such a crucial experience of their early childhood – really the best possible preschool experience I could have wished for them” - S.T.

"My children have had such great times at Bright Beginnings" - A.K. 

"The life skills that they have learned go so far beyond what they will need for academics" - E.W.

"Enrolling at BB was the best decision ever! I am amazed at how far my child has come" - G.K.

"A wonderful preschool. As a parent, it has been a wonderful experience watching my girl's blossom both socially as well as academically. Bright Beginnings has made a great impact on their lives and we will always remember our years there fondly" - L.Z.

“Bright Beginnings is an incredible place and we really appreciate ALL the wonderful teachers” – S.T.

“This school is terrific” – K.B.

“We always knew that our children were safe, loved and having fun in the most wonderful preschool ever. More family than school. Every teacher, every person at BB is so caring, so loving” – D.H.

“An incredible preschool experience” – L.S.

“What a magnificent preschool. I believe there is no other like it in the universe” – R.H.

“A very special place and we are so glad we found Bright Beginnings” – C.K.

“Bright Beginnings gave our family the most wonderful experience for our children’s preschool years” – R.H.

“Our children were so lucky to have had a beautiful preschool like this to grow and thrive in!” – S.T.

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